The Oil City Rotary Cleans Up Riverside Dr as part of their bi-annual highway pickup project.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Oil City Rotary cleaned up Riverside Drive in Oil City on Saturday, March 24, 2018, as part of their bi-annual highway pickup project.

What all does cleaning up Riverside Drive entail?  “(The cleanup is) A walk through the country side where we can also pay attention to some of the landscape management techniques the state has used along Route 62 between Route 257 and Route 157. This walk will begin on Saturday morning at 9am at Spanky’s on route 62.  In order to appreciate fully the landscaping efforts of the state I will provide you with wonderful plastic bags so that you might be able to remove items that can distract us from the fine work of the state.”

What type of items are found?   “The items to be removed will include items like hamburger wrappers, slim jim wrappers, soda bottles (mainly mountain Dew, but other also), beer cans and bottles (please inform me if you find any emptys of a quality beer), cigarette packs, baggies with odd white substances, odd car parts, and other general crap. Once these items are removed we will be able to see the special planting of stink weed, skunk cabbage, poison ivy, and other unique plants.”

Do you ever find or see anything of value?  “Also we will see beautiful metallic sculptural features that have been placed on our path. The artist who designed these pieces was quite short so these artistic installations are short and long set in a parallel pattern to the roadway. Some of these fine pieces have been modified by using a gentle touch of a fender or bumper of an inebriated driver to add color and design changes. They are quite stunning pieces. And you can even touch them or photograph them without breaking rules.”